Order Notify

Ordernotify app for BIG Commerce Users

To save your time and keep your business running efficiently, we developed OrderNotify - an app which allows you to login to multiple BigCommerce stores at once and to track performance. BigCommerce power users appreciate the convenience of tracking up to ten BigCommerce stores in one easy-to-use app.

You can easily track the performance of your BigCommerce stores with push notifications and your trend updates. This app will easily display an increase or decrease in your sales with each store and will enable you to stay ahead of your business. For example, you can compare how many sales you had by Friday at 2pm last week versus Friday at 2pm this week all conveniently from our simple dashboard.

Use this information to monitor marketing campaigns or to analyze how well your sales team is doing. You can even pull up individual order details. All you need is your API token and login information of your BigCommerce store. Receive a notification for every sale and view the full details of that sale. If you have multiple Bigcommerce stores, now you can view all of them in one place. No more logging in and out of different stores or accounts.

Bekon Delve